Project / Technical
Districlima's services are generally physically limited by the connection valves (valves incorporated). These may be found in the street, inside the substation or in the service gallery
You should call your maintenance service provider. However, we also recommend that you alert us by ringing 93 462 04 42.
Districlima recommends insulating all exchangers. For the cold water exchanger Districlima requires a condenser collector tray.
To ensure optimum efficiency and compatibility with interior installations, you should consult and follow the indications included in our techincal guide.
Yes, but we recommend starting up the installation sufficienty in advance to ensure optimum comfort for your users.
It is generally best to avoid a small thermal jump with a large flow as this requires greater pumping with the resulting higher electrical consumption. To increase the thermal jump, eliminate any cold water recirculating elements using 2 -way valves only, installing presostatic valves at the end of the circuit line,...
In addition to the information included in the Technical Guide, Districlima staff will be delighted to offer you their experience and advise you free of charge on any of your questions. You can contact us at info@districlima.es or by calling 933 638 685.
Developer / Owner
Connection will be possible depending on the proximity of the building to the existing grid, energy requirements and anticipated expansion plans. For more information you can contact Districlima atinfo@districlima.es or by calling 933 638 685
If the building has a centralised system and you are intending to replace current equipment this could be an excellent time to look into connecting to our grid. For more information please contact our sales department at info@districlima.es or by calling 933 638 685. Subsequently, the developer may connect by his own means following Districlima's techincal specifications.
For more information about these amounts please contact our sales department atinfo@districlima.es by calling 933 638 685
No. Districlima only provides a connection up to the inside of your building and leaves shut-off valves prepared. Districlima guarantees contractual power in these valves. The rest of the air conditioning installation (energy exchange substation, energy distribution, terminal units, etc) is performed by the building's developer under techincal advice from Districlima and belongs to the owner of the building.
Depending on the power to be contracted, the surface required for the energy exchange substation can vary between 30 and 60m2, that is, significantly lower than that of a conventional installation. For more information please consult our Technical Guide.
The best location is floor -1 and as near as possible to the connection point to be decided with Districlima.
The best location is floor -1 and as near as possible to the connection point to be decided with Districlima.
Invoices are issued monthly, charging the previous month's consumption
See sample invoice and explanation of its concepts.
Because the MWh (energy consumed) and the m3 that correspond to the water flow used to provide this energy are invoiced.
The Long Use (LU) version has a higher fixed cost and a lower variable cost so it is recommended if the air conditioning installation is to be running for long periods over the year. For example, in offices it is generally more cost effective to choose the LU version for cold and Short Use (SU) for heat. Meanwhile, in hotels it is usually better value to choose LU for heat than for cold.
You have several options: by e-mail administracion@districlima.es, by phone: 933 638 685 or by934 392 280.
In this case you can contact Districlima at servicio@districlima.es, by calling 933 638 685 or by fax934 392 280 and we will do our best to answer your query.